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May 01, 2013 at 01:33 PM

The likelyhood of getting three letters in the correct sequence should be one over 3!, also known as 1/6, approximately 0.167. So if you'd get a bucket full of hungry ants and another bucket full of equally distributed and sweetened letter tuples { 'DFP' | 'DPF' | 'FDP' | 'FPD' | 'PDF' | 'PFD' }, 1/6th of the ants could be observed carrying home the correct sequence 'PDF' hoping this would be a nice meal.
Now the question is, why did the Safari translation team chose the wrong 5/6th of the ants?

If it was the only mistake, it wouldn't be worth mentioning, but to me it seems, these kind of errors increased over the last years and they also represent the overall quality and applied 'sense for detail' in their products. Be it hardware or software, they release it as soon as the update function works and wait for comments.

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