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Hey Apple, what's wrong this time? Print E-mail
Apr 09, 2013 at 11:04 PM

Instant messaging - a field of communication where there are no technical mysteries left, at least not to people with an IQ higher than the one of an old bread crumb and the appropriate knowlegde in system engineering. But in the Apple-universe, some other rules seem to apply, much to my dislike, once again.

iMessage was introduced June 2011, at first as a beta version that really deserved the name "beta". But hey, that's ok, be honest with your customer and he won't blame you for being clueless. Up until now, it's just not working reliable, I'd be ashamed to release a service quirky like this, even worse, the more you use it, the flakier it gets.
The more I think about it, the less I get it, how hard can it be to keep track of a few kilobytes jumping through the net? How many scenarios can remain untested in such a simple environment, to mess it up like this? Having 22 months to get it right? Mhhmm? Unbelievable, they have a more or less closed environment, know 99% of their endpoints, a features set a small girl could count on one hand, I just don't get it, go ask the Skype people, or anyone else working in this area.

Maybe it's just naive thinking, but I think

  • Get up and running what you promised, or you'll be where you were in the late 90ties sooner than you think.
  • Get rid of all your useless hydrocephali, lawyers, etc and their artificial self employment bullshit and hire more engineers and designers that know what they're doing.
  • For gods sake, stop whining and try to be a bit more innovative. There's no need to sue someone when he's copying your intellectual property if you're one decent step ahead anyway.
  • Stop affronting your customers trying to imitate awfully ugly leather calendars and such. Really, if I wanted one, I'd get one. But I don't, since I had to throw it away immediately not being disgusted by myself.
Honestly, fingers crossed Apples priorities will change really soon. I already left their world once because creative people were overruled by brain farts and incompetent design committies creating products for non existing morons.

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