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Sep 26, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Just a quick one: If you happen to be one of the 10.8.2 users being annoyed by the last sleep mode culprit of the company formerly known as "Apple Computers Inc.", you want to double check what the 10.8.2 update did to your power settings. I won't go into detail here, it's all completely broken anyway, but I wish I could hurt the mountain troll responsible for this.

I usually install an update when it's relevant for security. This time it was 10.8.2 on my elder macbook. Since then I had to reboot this system every time it went into sleep mode for more than a few hours.
Just to be clear, the system was running without the monitors turned on (it's connected to an external 24" display most of the time), but it would not react to anything typed on the keyboard, let alone mouse input. Funny enough I could SSH into the macbook without problems, but a "shutdown -h now" would only result in terminating the SSH session, the system did not shut down at all. The only way to resurrect the box was to take out power.

So pragmatism would advise me then to not send it into sleep until this bug was adressed, but waiting for Apple to fix bugs is no good advice at all anymore. The computer department of the company had a paradigm shift resulting in pretty mediocre products a few years ago. Anyway, shutting it down every time I don't use it is no good idea, as drag&drop is non-functional in OS X since 10.7 OSX Lion after a clean reboot. In other words, if I reboot my system, I cannot use drag&drop in the Finder etc. before sending the macbook into sleep mode and wake it up again a few seconds later. Geesh, I believe "hilarious" would be the right description fo this state, how comes the amount of workarounds for OS X increases exponential in the last two years?

Seriously, what is wrong with this company? What exactly happened to OS X? I just don't get it, if I do have something that works to a certain degree, I try to conserve this level of quality and not break everything in favour to obscure features. Shouldn't be too hard IMNSHO at all.

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