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Mar 23, 2010 at 04:02 PM

Just a short rant between a coffee and a bagel .... dear developers and deciders at Yamaha Pro Audio. They day Apple deprecated the PowerPC platform is about 3.5 years ago, and while one could (not) argue about that, the last interesting PowerPC based system from Apple has been superseded on August 7th 2006. That's about forever in the world of computers.

Is there any understandable reason why you still do not manage to support this undoubtedly mediocre piece of software called Studio Manager together with OS 10.5/10.6?

As I already mentioned - in the world of computers one year is already a pretty long time, but different laws seem to to apply when a well known company called Yamaha Pro Audio has to apply a minor update to their software. For years now, their inferior understanding of software makes it mandatory to run Studio Manager within Rosetta (originally thought as a legacy byte swapping engine to help with the transition from PowerPC to i386) to get it to load the PM5D plugin. This of course slows down the responsiveness of the already very, very sluggish GUI (btw, it's 2010, there's little to no reason for bad GUIs anymore)

On the official website of the PM5D plugin they only write [..] When you are using Intel Mac, you will need to use Studio Manager via Rosetta. in Rosetta, but this is not true. Need isn't the correct term in this case, as it means something totally else. For example, Yamaha needed to update that hell of a bloaty piece of software in time, and if not, then a few months or maybe one year later. And even if there was a good reasons why they couldn't do it until then, at latest the year after .... and so on.
So if anything, it's a not a need but a shame one still has to run SM2 in that ancient byte swapping sandbox. Please don't get me wrong, but what's the point of releasing a universal binary of SM2, ignoring all human interface guidelines known to mankind, plus ignoring the proper way of writing future proof software (otool shows major dependencies towards Carbon in the current version) when the result is less than mediocre, as f.e. the most interesting components are not ready "yet"?

So with a bit more objectiveness - what do we have now - thousands of PM5D operators using Macs are still waiting or running SM2 in Rosetta, and loads of entries about people not being able to get the PM5D plugin to work. It's not perfectly easy to find out what's wrong without a hint, since the highly sophisticated error condition states something about a incorrectly installed plugin, not that there's something wrong with the the plugin itself *sigh*:


I wonder how many PM5D units have been sold until today, probably several thousands, so I don't believe it has to do with too little revenue, so the only explanation left is "they just don't care".

Hopefully the dominance of Yamaha digital consoles in the midrange market will suffer a bit from this, there are really a few great consoles out there that are being built from other vendors (Digico D1, Soundcraft Vi-4/Vi-6, Allen&Heath iLive* etc.), that will hopefully gather a piece of the market cake soon.

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