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Aug 17, 2007 at 12:09 AM

The Graz located parts of toningenieur.info had a major outage today, caused by a broken so called uninterruptable power supply manufactured by APC. This is the fourth of these devices that I see dying too close to my infrastructure and I'm pretty sure, I'm not going to use one of these ever again (including commercial projects, where I used to supply about two to five 19 inch rackmount devices a year, I don't care if they're cheap).

So yes - if you ever wondered what APC - legendary reliability means for you as a sysadmin, I can tell you - you add another piece of garbage to your power chain and finally everything breaks down because of this particular piece and you pay dearly for your stinginess. This time, the device in question is an APC Smart UPS 700 with a twelve month old Panasonic battery pack that passed every self check since the replacement pack was installed. As I am in Erlangen right now, which is about 600km away from Graz, I had to ask a friend to stop by and have a look what was going on, because I could reach the primary as well as the secondary router - not at all.

As I could run any diagnostics because the routers already appeared to be dead, we were forced to reset every system which costed me about 800d of raw uptime, thanks a lot for this APC! Legendary reliability, indeed, especially considering this UPS had a load of approx. 60 percent powering only the GBit switch and the secondary power supply of two pizza boxes. Finally it turned out to be the UPS being the source of all evil, and all the resets were absolutely unnecessary, hey, but what would you do, if you had a technical hand 600km away - starting to explain your testing bed?

Anyway, this outage has been the worst for at least mhmm ... two to three years for these systems, it lasted way to long:

American Power Controversy

So I will try to replace every vital UPS (sic!) with a better Powerware model or something else from a serious manufacturer. Way too many dead units from my point of view - that can't be a coincidence anymore, this is a question of hardware design (shame on you).

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