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Aug 12, 2007 at 02:42 PM

I had a gig yesterday evening in "La├čnitzthal", one of these tiny villages around the area of Graz. It was one of these last minute engagements, again. While the material in theory should be more than suitable I was struggling a little bit with the unreliability and quirks of some of the components.

But the band was pretty nice, a dedicated 50 to 60ies combos, and they had much fun counting the dead tielines, where I have to say that I stopped after the sixth cable ... (damn how hard can it be to connect a keyboard?)

The PA was also a little bit strange, although voices and everything that benefits from a evenly distributed frequency response from 300Hz to 4kHz with little harmonic distorsion came through very clearly, you just can't create a bassdrum enriched with bass frequencies out of hell with double 12" cabinets, or not at least with a reasonable number of them. I took some photos, eventually because I was a little bit bored after soundcheck, hehe.

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