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Aug 04, 2007 at 12:44 PM

Just a pic from the Jazzbigband Graz playing the opening ceremony of Festspiele Schwertberg (R.I.P.). This is a small festival in Oberösterreich, in the area around Linz (you might have heard of Burg Clam, it's not that far away). Because it was so hot, I drank at least 6 liters of mineral water that day, so now I'm afraid I'll become allergic against that stuff 8)

Two powerbooks running pure data and our self designed Cueplayer patch for the Life Affair program of the JBBG. This damn piece of software is so unstable, that we set up a redundancy system without even thinking about the fact if this is really necessary. It's just that - pure data sucks on OS X, I have no idea why, but it has definitely severe problems with a few simultaneously opened files, it just dies.


Anyway, I just wanted to post the blurry pic, now back to work, right now I work on some updates of my security appliances based on nanoBSD, a diskless version of FreeBSD maintained by phk aimed towards that class of devices. It's kind of fun, because it's very easy to create custom and deep down hardened FreeBSD ro images that can be transferred via PXE or just copied to a CF disk. If I'd only knew why it didn't build the last image ...

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