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Aug 01, 2007 at 12:07 PM

Late again, but I had a gig some time ago worth mentioning - because this is how it should not(!) be. It all began when Tomi asked me whether I could take a job for him on the upcoming weekend, and as I was still free I agreed because he said "it would be Jazz" and the weather forecast was not very promising, so I couldn't really plan doing some sports on the weekend anyway.

So I accepted the job and called the guy from the PA rental company so that I could gather some more information about what I should expect. Unfortunately, he couldn't really give me any information besides "it's an open air thing, it's going to be jazzy, four bands per evening, lasting three days". So I asked him kindly to give me the contact in the production team so that I can take care of getting the riders, but he couldn't help me with that, too, because he knew nothing about this as well.

I thought - great, what is this going to be, they're planning a concert and they have no idea about what is going to happen, that must be a really professional production then :-) But as I already accepted the job I couldn't put it down anymore, although another friend of mine warned me as well, that this might eventually turn out to be something totally different than what I expect ... (how right he was). So it came, that on the day of the arrival, I still didn't have an idea what was going to happen, I just knew what will be there from a technical point pof view.

The PA system they took with them was kind of small and easy to handle (2xKF850 + 2xBass per side), and enough for, let's say up to 500 pax. When I arrived and saw the area around the stage I was kind of astouned, because it could easily handle 2000 pax and the host was expecting at least that many ... of course I said that it would be impossible to cover the whole area with the two KF850 per side, and no way that I'm not going to kill anything that is closer than 10m to the stage border, when driving the front system so hot. The system tech agreed and said that they will probably switch to a Seeburg line array for the next day, but today we have to deal with that, the host ordered only half of the system they took with them (please - what kind of explanation is that?)

After the usual hassle with multi party PA systems everything worked acceptable after a while, we were done with the preparations just in time. But then, the band was very late and even worse, there was still no drumset from the backliner (I never saw him during the whole show ...) on stage, great. Only pretty B-class equipment on stage, Behringer Bass amps and other foolishnesses. IIRC, it was 20min before the show started that the drumset was finally delivered, and then it was one of those ugly Pearl Export Series set. Please do not misunderstand me, there are quite a lot of great Export Sets out there, when played hard, they sound very punchy and are pretty ok for a certain sound, but there are others that should better never ever leave the rehearsal room, because they do not sound at all. It was one of the latter and I had no sound check at all, amazing, that in combination with a too small PA was a really good start for a successfull weekend.

I'd better not write too much about the concerts itself, because there was not a single magic moment over the whole weekend. The musicians were quite nice, but ahem, I play drums so much better than the girl who played in every band during on the weekend, although I have to say the bass player was amazing. Of course the press wrote what they always write about their own events, but for me it was so commercial, I mean SO commercial, I didn't realize I became that artsy over time :)

I took about five fotos during the whole weekend, because there was nothing to take pictures of. Here are two of them:

Image Image
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