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Jul 27, 2007 at 08:21 PM

Today mail.toningenieur.info and mail2.toningenieur.info had to be shut down for about 5min as the system holding these two was physically relocated in the rack at the NOC. A few months ago I decided to cooperate with a friend of mine so that we can both share ressources and increase reliability and security of the mailing system. This new system will consist of three fast systems, where two of them will be the main servers, doing failover and one for other purposes.

It was only consequent to put the systems as close as possible to each other, so that we can have serial interconnects between them, so even BIOS configuration changes are possible via remote now (saves time and money).

Sad enough I had to ruin my uptime again:

MAILER# uptime
 2:28pm  up 318 days, 22:13, 2 users, load averages: 0,07 0,02 0,01

This way I guess I'll never make it into the hall of fame :)) But we'll see, at the end of august the three systems should be up and running smoothly for at least 400d+. So this is how it looks right now - as already mentioned, there will be one more system on top of loki (the black pizza box on top).

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