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Jul 01, 2006 at 03:52 PM

The mainboard of my primary router died today. (Un)Fortunately, my Windows Workstation (Odin) has exactly the same board, so I decided to switch the two against each other. It took me almost five hours to repair the router, but I guess right now it's more important than having another workstation running 24/7.

Funny enough I was about 1m away from the router while it happened, I wanted to reactivate an ancient console server that I got from a friend. Usually such things happen when I'm not at home, but not this time. And yes, this is good, because it took me 5min to accept that there's really something wrong with the hardware and reconfiguring the seondary router took me another 2-3min. So the outage of the network was only around 10-12min, more or less some bounced emails and confused webusers :)

I guess I will have to review some of my internal structures, it's not amusing when your one and only internal nameserver starts choking and then finally dies. Of course this is not a new insight, but it seems as if I am totally dependant to DNS even within my own LAN, Jesus. I wonder if I should add another box doing failover DNS in case something breaks again :(
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