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Apr 18, 2004 at 10:14 PM

Mhmm, what would you write about yourself?

I grew up in some nice bavarian cities, so to say in a pretty sheltered environment. After the usual 14 years of obeying my parents, I started to develop interests on my own, focusing on free climbing. I saw a TV spot where a french guy did a solo in Verdon, France, and I was so impressed. From the next day on, I spent almost all the time I had on climbing and training. This often caused some collisions with my other duties, such as going to school, and learning for school. From the 11th grade, it was just a question of time when I had to bring medical attestation to excuse my absences. Fortunately, I changed my mind right after my final exam (Abitur in german), because even if climbing may be everything for some people, it wasn't for me.

And again, I spent all my time to gather material about music production and audio engineering, after all this was and still is I wanted to do as my profession since I was 16 years old. So, September '97 was my last climbing holiday (of course Verdon and Buoux) and right after that I started to work as administrator at a german IT company. I don't know why, but these grey little boxes were alyways a big part of my life. I guess it really started when my parents sent me to summer programming lectures at NCR at the age of twelve, but even though I liked what I could do with these ugly boxes I think I would have had as much fun just hanging around with friends in August :) Maybe that's why I don't like computer or video games at all, to me it's a waste of time.

But back to '97 - half a year later I left the company of confusion as I had to pay my statesmanlike dues, I absolved my alternative civilian service, to loose 13 months of my life. The next station was Graz, Austria, where I started to study sound engineering (see Links section). This is also where I am right now, but I hope to finish it as soon as possible.

Beneath my studies I work as a freelance sound engineer both in studio as in live productions. I concentrated on all facets of Jazz, from contemporary ensembles to classic bigband sound. This was a pretty easy decision, as I love the music and in Jazz I usually you work with ingenious artists, what is not so common in other branches like f.e. rock, heavy etc.

As there are still a lot of people that need pictures to get an idea of a person, here are some really old photos of me:

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