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Apr 18, 2004 at 10:13 PM
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As I already mentioned, heimdall is now only my fallback router and a small network sensor, running several packet filtering instances and a classic intrusion detection system. You'd be surprised to see my weekly statistics :D

I still use a pretty much pimped Apache 1.3 as my http server software, some directories are also DAV enabled, so that I can sync iCal from my powerbook to the server and others as well. Of course there are some additional modules loaded like php (obviously), mod_ssl and so on. As the ultimative webmail and contact management software package I use the horde framework, another genious and totally bloated freeware (if you don't tell it not to, some components install X11 as a dependency). There are also some other standard implementations, but this would be too much information for now.

The idea behind toningenieur.info is to offer an audio related platform for austrian sound engineering students to ease up our information and file exchange. As asgard was once my fileserver, it offers appr. 0.8TB of local mounts and as he's connected to my studiolan via two fiber optic GBit links, so that even access to current studio work is possible. The new boxes will have more than 2TB of storage, and some pretty quick and fast harddrive array for the mailer subsystem.

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