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Apr 18, 2004 at 10:13 PM
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Although it may not be of interest for everybody, I'd like to give a brief overview of the technical aspects of my website. Right now I use only open source software - not because I am not willing to pay money for something, but when it comes to servers and security, there is nothing like open minded software developers and the possibility to debug something on your own and recompile it. For me this is more important than an out-of-the-box working system.

But enough of that, toningenieur.info is currently hosted on asgard, a Supermicro P3TDE6 board equipped with two 1 GHz Pentium-III Coppermine CPUs and 1GB RAM. I upgraded from heimdall, a single P-III 650MHz several years ago. The number of tasks for the server increased over the last months, so that I declared heimdall as my new router and reconfigured my fileserver asgard for webservices, too. As we had a major reconfiguration in our university campus network from flat routing to a Cisco VPN, I even couldn't use heimdall as a router anymore, since the system peaked at approx. 400kB/s of traffic going through the IPSec tunnel, this is not enough. So in the current configuration there are two almost identical systems (router{3|4}) doing the routing and tunnel encryption, both are Supermicro 1HE (Superserver 5014C-T) pizza boxes, each of them has a P4 3GHz and 1GB RAM, in fact the difference is the color of the housing :)

After taking heimdall out of the signal chain, I even renamed him to router2, I got so confused over the time with the different name branches, hehe. The system that was doing the job of router(1), will be deactivated after router4 is done with it's burn in test, I guess that should be in the first quarter of march.

In addition to the VPN, we have a pretty close meshed SMTP setup here and there is now way that I could bypass the universities mailrelays and run a decent setup. I had to find out that more and more mailservers like hotmail and yahoo can't really cope with greylisting, so there is another system that acting as the primary mx outside the virtual campus network that toningenieur.info is in right now. This box is running quite well somewhere in Cologne now, I called it loki, again a Supermicro 5014C-T server equipped with a 3GHz P4, 1GB RAM and a 160GB RAID-1 (3Ware), an acts as my primary mailrelay and for small hosting services as well. I plan a major upgrade in august or september, but for now it's ok.

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