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Jul 05, 2005 at 09:18 PM
I will not write too much about it, I even thought of keeping it off the website, but in the end I decided to make at least some personal notes.

I hope one day it'll remind me what (stupid) kind of things I did when I was young. Maybe it was just too promising in advance, the preliminary preparations implied much, too much, I don't know. Heinrich von Kalnein and I met two times to talk about the sound design of the show and I was very pleased because I really liked what I heard. So to help the show become one thing I prepared some vintage processing chain for the opening trio and checked out some other useful things, but we didn't need that in the end, like a lot of other stuff.

But maybe I should mention first what this was all about. The overall idea was to make a journey through the time around 1960 accompanied by cue's of the movie "Some like it hot". The band was supposed to play songs like "Take the A-Train", "New York, New York" - I guess you get the idea. But even though we were professionally prepared, the realisation on location was that off-spec with what was negotiated months ago. The program changed about every three minutes, important parts and transitions were taken out and the rehearsals shaped up as pure slapstick. There were minutes where I was literally lying behind the console on the floor, laughing because I could not believe what was going on in front of me.
One could name it "War of the Worlds" but in a different sense than one might suspect, in fact not everything from outer space has three legs. I was very sorry for the band, they can play so much better than that, but it should not be. Yeah but, I think I'll leave it for now, I'm still looking for that short video clip I captured from FOH with Sebi's photo camera during the second performance, the "show-part", on the evening. I just don't find it at the moment, are 1.4TB too much to find small files? Anyway, as soon as I find it, it'll be here.

Update - Sebi was kind enough to send me the movie before he went into his well earned vacancies, so here it is:


Sorry for the quality of the movie, but this is a consumer style small picture camera filming half way zoomed out from the FOH place. As I already mentioned, it's more a piece of evidence :) 

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