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Jun 02, 2005 at 09:08 PM
I was very tired and honestly suffering from a lack of motivation when I arrived back in Graz from the AES convention.


Ok, unfavorable photo, but that's what an improvised FOH place can look like 8) 

The night before, I got to bed around 02:00am, slept 3 hours and then left Barcelona to be back in Graz for the abonnement concert. We couldn't get my preferred rental company (lightmaker) for the gig, so I was a little bit worried how good everything will work. But when I arrived at the venue I met the guys from the substitute company (Gailhofer) and was surprised to see a known face, Christian Siller, another sound engineering student from Graz being the support tech. Not necessary to say that everything worked as it should, so that we actually had to wait for the band to arrive.

This years set was pretty many-sided, ranging from a ten piece trombone ensemble directed by Ed Neumeister over some bigband pieces with the KUG stageband and the KUG bigband to a small guest performance of the Jerry Bergonzi Quartet. I think I my expectations pretty much aligned with what we heard this evening. Especially the trombone choir created some nice moods. I think this was also related to the rooms acoustic - it's a venue built for classical music, so whenever you put something faster than 120bpm into the room an amplify it, you see that it starts to lack clarity pretty soon.


 Almost relaxed, but if that's what I left BCN for...

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