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May 31, 2005 at 09:05 PM

I think I was the first of us to arrive in Barcelona - could be because I wanted everything to be prepared when the others "come in", or eventually just because I booked an early flight 8)


But that was good, as the preparations were a little bit difficult this year since I got the definite subscriptions for the journey pretty late, although our announcements were done in time. So I had hotel rooms, ahem, beds in a youth hostel for the others but nothing for me to stay the night from thursday to friday. As the flight from Munich to BCN was overbooked Tomi didn't make it with the same machine but I decided to wait for him at the airport and use the time for some organisational stuff. Guess what, it took me exact 120 min to get the hotel I had booked from friday to tuesday to let me in one night earlier. I could quote some details here, but I don't think it's worth it.


When Tomi arrived, we took the first bus to BCN city as we were too lazy to walk 200m more to the train station. It was really cold inside and I think I heard the loudest telephone call ever from the elder woman sitting in front of me. Unfortunately I had nothing with me to measure the spl, but I give it a 90 to 95dB(A), Jesus, I hardly mix that loud. I guess Tomi had a hard time not to laugh watching me under exposure to this woman. Nice opening, really.

We found the youth hostel pretty soon, although it took me a phone call to realize I'm standing in front of it... While we were waiting for the others to arrive I had to assure the receptionist that they are really coming. Must have been five or six times, but in the end he believed me and yes they really came. We spent a nice afternoon together in BCN and planned the next days.

Around 01:00am I arrived at the hotel and fell into bed after a intensive day. The next morning I met the other AES SDA people (Ulrike, Jason, Felice, Martin & Co.) and helped with setting up the surround systems with some really nice guys from PMC (Maurice an Keith). What can I say but WOW - I guess that was the best sound system I ever heard, it felt like a small PA but had the clarity of studio speakers, amazing, they should sell these and make serious money (just kidding)

Then, there was a SDA board meeting planned for friday evening, but we had to reschedule it to saturday morning... I had absolutely no good feeling about this, since the first SDA meeting was planned right afterwards. Of course this first meeting could have been a little bit better, next year in Paris this has to be different.

So, as always, I could write so much about this years convention, but I guess I'm still not objective enough to chose the right words. I even tried to write a short summary during these days, but that didn't work at all. Ok, at least it helped me staying a little bit in the sun, I should really work on my taint 8)



Here we have Mr. Jim Anderson in person giving approx. 200 desperate sound engineers and producers a tiny insight into the details of some of the recordings he made. He played a few songs during the demonstration and besides the fact that he also "only cooks with water" as we say in german, it was quite interesting listening to both - him and his recordings.



I think the best would be to up to come up with some headwords, leaving enough room for your interpretation:

  • amazing city, nice people, great experience
  • communication is everything
  • organisation has to be adjusted to local conditions
  • and yes, spain is different than austria
  • they know nothing, I repeat nothing about spicy food, but the coffee is great
  • I don't like J.A.'s taste of reverb and he doesn't like mine (I have that in written form)

Again the convention time was over much too soon, although I hardly slept more than 5h a day, I really enjoyed the time. On tuesday morning at 05:00 I had to leave to get the plane back to Graz, as I had to be there by 13:00 o'clock. I was obliged to do FOH on the annual "abonnement concert" of the KUG in the Stefaniensaal, as it is part of my work at the institute. I think I never hated the job at the university more than during waiting for boarding at the airport, drinking the seventh coffee and letting the convention pass by.

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