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Jun 13, 2004 at 08:51 PM
KUG Bigband plays Bill Holmann. Some people like to work on their birthday, some don't. Well I am still not sure to what party I belong to, but as the weather on that day was hideous anyway, I would say it's ok to work on such an important day :) Like every year, the KUG Bigband played a big concert in the Stefaniensaal, a part of the Grazer Congress. But this year something was different, as they not only performed Bill Holmann's programm, but also were conducted by himself. Bill Holmann brought Pete Christlieb with him, a great saxophone player, whose mix between profession and musicality made me astonish (no details at this point).

As last year, the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics was there with some sound engineering students, as this annual concert usually offers a great opportunity to teach live recording in a good, acoustic environment. Fortunately, this year's preparation was much better than last year's, but I still don't get why it always starts to buzz as soon as these guys are around with their equipment. We had A-class splitters, star-shaped power and mass dissipation, $WHATEVERYOUTHINKWORKS etc.
Well, in the end it was the same again, creating mute groups for the critical sources and use these during low signal.

The concert went pretty well, although it didn't catch me this evening too much. Sebi made some nice photos again, maybe that was why he forgot something important that day :))
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