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May 26, 2004 at 08:50 PM
The AES convention - always worth a visit.

This years AES convention in Berlin was great. It started right from the beginning - most of us went there by airplane, including me. Two hours Graz <-> Berlin, whoooheee :)
In Berlin, we stayed at a huge youth hostel, sadly together with some difficult but psyched kiddies (no reason to worry, they were displaced by some braindead soccer hooligans the other day). But after all it was ok to sleep, since we had about half an hour with the metro for the convention area with the metro, and just the same into the city.

The first day of the convention was a bit confusing, it's just the same every year - it takes about five hours of restless roaming through the halls until you get an idea where to find what. Then your feet start to hurt and you "participate" the first paper session or seminar, because the only available chairs are at the Behringer booth :)) No, seriously, I always try to prepare something like a program for the convention, but it never really works.

Sunday was about the same, except for the fact that I roamed a little slower, and therefore had more time for the exhibition. Maybe Tomi was a little bit more excited than on Saturday, as we both had contributed some of our recordings for the student competition, and Tomi made it into the final round. I was also excited, as I wondered why I didn't made it that far, and was so desperate to hear the level of the other productions. For me it was pretty clear that I wouldn't make it into the final as I submitted for rock/pop stereo and actually it was the first pop mix I ever made, and 8h for 64 tracks including mastering can be very tight :)

So monday was a day of great expectations, and as often, it turned out I should have concentrated more something else, in this case the paper sessions and workshops. Due to Tomi's "I have nothing with me to tell about at the presentation"-action we entered the convention pretty late, so we missed the classical part. But that was ok, since we were waiting for the other categories. Rock/Pop stereo was very deflating for me, I don't want to write too much about that, but it was sad what we had to listen to, I even checked the local speaker system afterwards with my recording to avoid any miscarriage, but I still don't understand what the prejury was going for.

Non-classical surround was so much better, and Tomi's presentation went also very well, at least it was good prepared :) In the evening we went to the student party, it was nice to see so many like-minded people in one bar!

The last day of the convention and our last day in Berlin started around 09:00, there was a lot of administrative stuff to do for our student section and a list of things that had to be done before leaving. As this thinned coffee surrogate at the youth hostel wasn't able to keep what it's biting smell promised, we drank and enjoyed a real coffee before we even thought about the AES at all :) But we were somehow in a hurry, as there were a lot of student activities planned for that day and I additionally volunteered for the new SDA vice chair position for europe. But the second coffee worked a little better, so we were there "on schedule". The results of the recording competition were a little bit controversial. In Rock/Pop stereo there were only "finalist" as the final jury decided none of the contributions was good enough to be honoured (fine for me so far :D), non classical surround two third prices and one second price (not ok for me). All the other categories seemed to be fine, too, at least I know who won, and what level they usually work.

I decided not to think about it anymore, as there were still enough things left, I wanted to see, try, do etc. F.e. this is me at Tube Tech, I was a little bit disappointed, but maybe it was just the testing environment.

After all the convention was a great thing loaded with ideas and opinions, it brought new experiences and some minor adjustments to my world view with it. I hope the next european convention will be similar, I'm already looking forward to fly to Spain! 


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