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Apr 18, 2004 at 08:45 PM
Ok, finally I managed to rebuild the site based on a moronic cms called Mambo. After days of searching the web for a suitable cms, and after a few attempts with zope/plone, Mambo catched my eyes. Their website babbles something like "the power in simplicity" but how could I know how wrong they were. In fact this is by far one of the most bloated pieces of software I've ever seen following the upgrade strategy of a bespectacled nine year old linux geek still under the impression that KDE is linux. But as you can see, I ignored these facts an redesigned the site (hopefully for the last time) giving it at least a try. The old templates just seemed too strict in comparison to my wishes and hardly allowed concentrating on the content. So, what would have been more obvious than switching to one of those hyped content management systems? Probably switching to a decent solution that is designed for my needs... again one of those cases where how it should be has nothing to do with how it is.

Well, as I already said, I had some experiences with zope and plone, but they take way too much time to customize on ones needs. In addition, the FreeBSD port of zope didn't work for me, although I fetched the newest available version. Maybe it was just my incompetence, but hey... ;D

So, from now on I hope I'll be able to update the site whenever I want to, and not when I have shell access. The translation of the old content will take place when I have time for that. As expected, Mambo eats up more time than promised, as you have to patch it every two weeks to avoid being a victim of a braindead script kiddy and of course it usually breaks everything you installed as third party component, it's a vicious circle. When I have time I'll build something on my own.
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